DROMEAS SA guarantees you: Up to 60 months from the purchase of the product* free repair or replacement of defective parts applies (where transport costs are borne by the customer and prepaid). The guarantee applies to sales of products which will be installed and used in the Greek territory. This guarantee applies in addition to the legal rights of the buyer and is in compliance with the directive 1999/44/EC and its transposition into Greek legislation.


Explicitly excluded and not included in the warranty are damages that:

   They are caused during transport by the customer or third parties

   They represent normal wear and tear

   They are due to bad or inappropriate use

   They are due to insufficient maintenance or unsafe installation

   They are due to the neglect of the instructions for use of the product

   They are due to the special case of using fabrics or other materials, presented by the customer.

Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to function.

For the piston of the seat as well as for the artificial leather linings, a guarantee of good operation and use is provided for 24 months.

CAUTION! Artificial leather cleaning instructions: The seat parts are cleaned with neutral soap. NO, cleaners with solvents or acetone or alcohol. NO, silicone oil and other corrosive detergents.

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